Black Wealth Insured

Financial Security & Generational Wealth Plan
for Blacks

Black Wealth Insured helps the black families to understand the power of basic financial planning and generational wealth tools.

It’s quick and easy to find the right life insurance and generational wealth transfer tools, for free, and means your family finances, lifestyle and wealth is protected if anything happened to you (you don’t have to depend on Go Fund Me)

Black Wealth Insured is on a mission to protect 100,000+ black families that may have thought financially planning is only for the rich and wealthy.
With as little as £10 monthly you can get a level of cover for yourself.

"It's really simple, easy process"


Solomon, Coventry

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Adekemi, London

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Grace A, Manchester

Why bother with black generational wealth?

It is true that we blacks don’t like to discuss certain things and its almost a taboo to talk about the impact of death on a family.

We understand, dying is obviously not on your to-do list, but the reality is that ‘Life Happens’ and sometimes we are left with the after effect that may be difficult to manage and potentially affect generations unborn.

In the UK, statistics shows every 22 minutes a child loses a parent they rely on financially.

If anything happened to you, life insurance and other generational planning tools ensures your family is well taken care of and financial stress is reduced.

Who is Black Wealth Insured?

Black Wealth Insured is a Financial Planning and Generation Wealth Specialist for the Black Community.

Black Wealth Insured helps Black families to understand the power of basic financial planning and generational wealth tools. It promotes the importance of Intergenerational Wealth and creating a lasting legacy.

With Black Wealth Insured, you can get a free consultation and quote faster than you can wink.

One tiny form, a quick talk with one of our specialist insurance partners and you’re sorted.

How to win at taking care of your
family & wealth:

Decide to keep your family happen

Fill out a tiny form on

Have a quick talk with a friendly specialist

You pay forward.

We give back.

We donate £50 to your selected Charity, Church or Social Enterprise, for every valid solution we process. Cos we care about what matters to you.

It's free to use Black Wealth Insured to find life insurance - you'll never be charged for quotes. Life insurance could cost the same each month as a couple of beers. But unlike a pint, your life insurance stays at the same price month after month. We like a challenge, so tell us if you've found a quote elsewhere and we'll eat some kind of hat if we can't beat it.

- Did you remember to dry clean your suit? - "Erm. Yes?" We've all told the odd porkie, but when it comes to life insurance you need to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Cheeky cig down the pub? Tell us. The only time life insurance doesn't pay out is when you're not 100% open and honest during your application.

When you start a policy with one of our partners, they give us a few quid for recommending you. We donate £1 for every valid quote to Balls to Cancer, even if you don't take the cover.

Absolutely. But don't just take our word for it - they're all FCA authorised which means they've signed up to a duty of care to ensure all customers are treated fairly. Bosh.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, and sadly it's a contributor to disease and death in many people. We need to know if you smoke because it increases your risk of death. But be honest - if you tell porkies, your insurance may be invalid and not pay out.